1) N-COUNT A platform is a flat, raised structure, usually made of wood, which people stand on when they make speeches or give a performance.

Nick finished what he was saying and jumped down from the platform.

stage, dais
2) N-COUNT A platform is a flat raised structure or area, usually one which something can stand on or land on.

Some of these flood shelters are on raised platforms, which have allowed government helicopters to land amid the continuing floods...

They found a spot on a rocky platform where they could pitch their tents.

3) N-COUNT A platform is a structure built for people to work and live on when drilling for oil or gas at sea, or when extracting it.
4) N-COUNT A platform in a railway station is the area beside the rails where you wait for or get off a train.

The train was about to leave and I was not even on the platform.

5) N-COUNT: with supp The platform of a political party is what they say they will do if they are elected.

The party has announced a platform of political and economic reforms as it campaigns for the country's first multiparty elections next month...

The Socialist Party won a landslide victory on a nationalist platform.

6) N-COUNT If someone has a platform, they have an opportunity to tell people what they think or want.

The demonstration provided a platform for a broad cross section of speakers.

7) N-SING: usu the N In a bus, the platform is the area of floor at the front or back where you get on and off. [BRIT]

I stood on the crowded back platform of the seven o'clock bus as it lurched along the wet damp street.

English dictionary. 2008.

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